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“Great Rehabilitation Center Experience” My husband is currently undergoing rehabilitation at Genius Rehab, and it’s been wonderful. The environment is peaceful and supportive, making his journey easier. The staff are incredibly helpful and always ready to assist with anything. The psychologists here are very knowledgeable and have been a great help to my husband. Dr. Shahzeb, in particular, has been extremely supportive and understanding throughout the process. Overall, I highly recommend Genius Rehab to anyone in need of rehabilitation services.

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The best place to be for your psychiatric needs and escape. A clean naturalistic environment supervised perfectly by the CEO Dr Shazib and the staff. Highly recommend for visits and rehabilitation programs considering one of the best rehabilitation farmhouse in lahore and pakistan as a whole.

Dr. Shazeb is a true lifesaver. His compassionate care and attentive listening pulled me out from the depths of depression. He provided practical tools and unwavering support, guiding me towards hope and healing. I am forever grateful for Dr. Shazeb’s expertise and kindness. I highly recommend him.

The Genius Psychiatric & Addiction Treatment Center has helped me get through my meth addiction phase and has been helping me to build a healthier and consistent lifestyle since after. it is a very welcoming and open minded place, where they provide solutions with diversity of a persons personality, which has really helped me keep myself on track and my lifestyle healthy, mentally and also physically.

We had a very positive experience from Dr Shazib and his team. He is a highly trained Dr in his field and treat his patients with utmost care and also gets involved personally. He focuses on engaging his patients and tries to bring them back to normal life. He also have a very good staff to assist him.

Dr. Shazib has got the best care at Genius ‘Psychiatric clinic’ as well as at his rehabilitation centre ‘the Genius’. Staff is well trained and the treatment is professional. If you are looking for the best psychiatrist in town, look no further than ‘Dr.Shazib lifestyle psychiatrist’, you have reached the right place.

My son was the first patient at this rehabilitation centre. Staff was highly professional. Program they designed for my son was effective and tailored to his need, leading to significant progress. Facilities were well maintained and conducive to healing . I highly recommend it to anyone seeking rehabilitation centre

Excellent psychiatric rehab center. The staff are compassionate and facilities are clean & comfortable. Highly recommend for anyone seeking effective rehabilitation services.

The Genius That offers outstanding rehabilitation services, facilitating patients’ successful return to work. Many have ceased medication post-treatment, evidencing its effectiveness and reliability. Highly commendable!

An excellent psychiatrist and professional. My brother is taking sessions from him and having superb results. In his clinic, Hareem Naqvi, she is also a golden asset which assist and take sessions in effective ways.

Great environment, really made it easy for the journey of my friend to come out of addiction

Best rehab center in Lahore. Peaceful and clean environment. Welcoming attitude of people 👍👍👍

I had a very wonderful experience. I spent 2 and a half months here and it was truly a life changing experience. The staff is very cooperative and gentle. I would recommend it to everyone with a 5/5 review. God bless you and especially Dr. Shahzaib who turned my life around ❤️

Very different environment rehab center from all others in Pakistan. It is in a farmhouse in outskirts of the city. Dr Shahzeb is very understanding and staff is professional!

Till now the Best Rehab I have visited in Pakistan, I would fully recommend that place for your loved ones whom you care for… 👍👍 …

Staff is well mannered, fully trained and humbled, also this is far from the hectic and noisy environment of the city which makes it more comfortable and peaceful place. Highly recommended.

Great experience at genius clinic

Good experience with Genius 360.. Recommended 👍 …

I visited many Addiction treatment centers in Lahore. What I liked about Genius 360 Rehab center is the open green and clean environment and the cricket ground in evening

Dr. Shahzaib’s guidance was a crucial help in a tough phase of life. Would highly recommend.

Experience and outstanding doctor with years of experience speaks itself for Dr Shazib Shamim. I would highly recommend anyone in need of psychiatric treatment to visit him.

Dr. Shazib is an incredible psychiatric doctor. Highly knowledgeable, attentive and kind. Extremely grateful for the support and guidance received.

I’ve been to many psychiatrists and rehabs but to no avail. Dr Shazib’s rehab “Genius” has a unique treatment plan and the way they deal with patients is exceptional. I actually found out what my issues were and got help sorting them out. Dr Shazib has really helped me with his friendly yet professional approach.

The most considerate and humble doctor for any kind of psychiatric issues. He is a genuine human being with the best methods for treatment.

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